Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

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Just for Laughs

If money could talk ...

At the end of their lives, a 100-dollar bill, a 20-dollar bill and a one-dollar bill met at the shredder.

The 100 said, “I’ve seen the whole world. Why, I’ve been on cruises in the Caribbean, safaris in Africa and vacations in Europe.”

The 20 said, “I haven’t done quite as well, but I’ve been to Atlantic City, Disneyland and Starbucks.”

They both turned to the one-dollar bill and asked, “How about you?”

Not wanting to be outdone, the one-dollar bill said, “I’ve seen the whole country, as well. I’ve been from church to church to church ....”

Then the 100 asked,
“What’s a church?


Our History

Worship: 11:00 am | Sunday School: 9:45 am

ood Shepherd Lutheran Church was formed as the first urban mission church in the American Lutheran Church (ALC) in 1952 when a need was found for service in the burgeoning growth of Northeast Bexley and Columbus. Thanks to Ted Horst, a member of Christ Lutheran Church in Bexley, mission funding was obtained from the Ohio District Mission Committee, and seven lots were purchased on Merkle Ave.

ood Shepherd's first services, beginning on May 25, 1952, and led by Pastor Norman Wegmeyer, were organized and held in the Maryland Avenue Elementary School.  On October 19, ground was broken for the new sanctuary which was dedicated on April 26, 1953.

roperty was donated by Christ Lutheran Church south of the building, and a parsonage was completed in November 1954. Our first Sunday School and confirmation classes were held in the basement of the parsonage. As membership grew, the need for an educational wing became apparent, and the Fellowship Hall, later dedicated to Ted Horst, was built in 1960.