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Just for Laughs

If money could talk ...

At the end of their lives, a 100-dollar bill, a 20-dollar bill and a one-dollar bill met at the shredder.

The 100 said, “I’ve seen the whole world. Why, I’ve been on cruises in the Caribbean, safaris in Africa and vacations in Europe.”

The 20 said, “I haven’t done quite as well, but I’ve been to Atlantic City, Disneyland and Starbucks.”

They both turned to the one-dollar bill and asked, “How about you?”

Not wanting to be outdone, the one-dollar bill said, “I’ve seen the whole country, as well. I’ve been from church to church to church ....”

Then the 100 asked,
“What’s a church?


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on the occasion of the Joint Catholic-Lutheran
Commemoration of the Reformation Lund,

31 October 2016

Medical marijuana and the church

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